Facial Treatment in KL city is considered essential to maintain your good & natural facial skin condition.

KL city life can be exciting, but not the friendliest outdoor spot for your skin. After more than 4 years talking to clients around our salon and analyzing their facial situations, we narrowed down 3 of the most common problems faced by them and how it could have been easily solved with proper facial treatment:

1) Dirt in the Air Clogs and Infects Your Skin

We have clients asking why they still have pimple and acne infesting their skin despite following ‘correct’ diet, sleep well and maintain clean environment. Then we asked them one simple question: “Where ever you walked in the city, is the air really clean?”

It might sound silly, but truthfully, it is unavoidable. Air pollution in form of dust, smog and chemical vapors are invisible to our eyes. The very least we could do is to maintain cleanliness and protect our skin from them!

What To Do

Just like bathing, get a good facial treatment from your nearby, trusted facial salon. Luckily, you don’t have to do it every day: 1-2 times a month is a sweet spot as a human body sheds skin every 28 days. After a facial, apply moisturizer with protection element and better still, has repairing effects.


Get the right moisturizer / SPF cream. It acts as a barrier to prevent the invisible dirty air and germs from being absorbed in to your skin. This is useful especially if you have acne and pimple problems whereby you need a clean skin environment to heal.

2) A Tired Face: Down & Demotivated

For every 10 clients who came to us for facial services, 8 of them definitely looked tired and lethargic. Of course, who wouldn’t? The stress from work, the punishing weather and hectic lifestyle causes that (especially in a city).

Specifically, it’s not only looking tired but physically, it is too. This can be solved by getting a good facial treatment. We are talking about a badly needed facial massage. A professional beautician will be able to give a good facial massage for you so that you will have a rejuvenated feeling all over again, due to better blood circulation.

So out of the 10, who are the other 2? One is our existing clients and the other is revisiting our shop to get facial products.

What To Do

A complete facial treatment must include a proper facial massage. How to tell if it’s working? If done properly, it will feel so relaxing, that you will feel like sleeping in no time. After the massage, you will wake up feeling new again.


Try this quick massage on your own: Use your index and middle finger, gently massage around your eye socket area in circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Then lightly massage on your temples. See how good it feels? Make it even better by getting someone professional to do a full version on you!

3) The Hot Sunlight Will Murder Your Skin

When we say murder, it is not an exaggeration. It literally means it will kill your skin and you!

The scorching heat and sun in KL can destroy your skin over time. The sun has a deadly combination of ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB), which will cause your skin to get:

  • Aging and wrinkle skin
  • Pigmentation, especially those who have fair skin
  • Sunburn, and finally
  • Melanoma, a deadliest form of skin cancer

The thinning of ozone layer makes it worse: The UVA and UVB rays will directly hit your skin hard once you go under the sun without protection.

What To Do

Apply SPF (Sun Protection Factor) sunscreen on your skin that will be exposed to sunlight. But how much SPF is enough? For example, an SPF 15 has a factor of 15, which blocks 93% of UVB rays. It will lasts around 150 minutes (just add a zero behind the factor). So if it’s SPF 30, it will be around 300 minutes, and so on.


SPF sunscreen can be sticky and oily. It is important to wash your skin first or do a proper facial treatment first if you didn’t do it for at least the past 1 month before you apply SPF sunscreen on it. Otherwise, your skin will be clogged, congested and might be prone to infected skin which might cause pimple and acne.

So has any of the 3 problems or all of it affected your face in KL? Leave your comments below and we will do our best to share our experience.

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