Why traditional facial treatment?

Not many of us are born with perfect skin condition. When we say perfect, we mean flawless, porcelain skin with almost no imperfections seen with a naked eye.

So how do most people deal with it when they have pimple, acne, aging, dark spots and many more? In this modern age, everybody likes fast, instant results which can be achieved with injections, lasers and other intrusive solutions.

Is it really that good for the long haul though? Here are 3 considerations and why traditional facial treatment might be your safest bet to start before trying on other solutions.

Traditional Facial Treatment

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This treatment first begins with a thorough skin analysis performed by an experienced beautician consultant. Next, the beautician will perform series of facial processes involving makeup/dirt removal, facial extractions, masks, deep cleansing, facial massages, serums and more.

With usage of correct and effective facial products coupled with their skills, most of the time results can be seen in the first treatment. Over time through series of treatments with correct regimen, most skin problems can be prevented and solved.

It is true that the results might not be as fast as modern intrusive/part-intrusive solutions but here are the 2 IMPORTANT NOTES:

1) As traditional facial treatment involves only on skin surface ie. epidermal levels, it is not intrusive and for most skin problems, this is sufficient.

2) Our human skin at average shed and changed to a new one every 28 days. That is why it is normal to see the optimum results at least after 28 days!

3 Considerations Before You Go For Other Treatment

Your skin is a precious thing. There’s no turning back if things go wrong!

1) Whichever result you get through other solutions, there is no turning back!

We understand the temptation of getting a new, nice skin almost immediately after suffering it for months if not years. But you really have to think it over and over again because if the result came worse than before, the effect cannot be reversed. Your skin is a live thing, so treat it preciously before you make a wise decision.

2) Is my condition really that bad to go for other treatment?

There is no specific measurement to say which level is considered ‘bad’ enough to go for other treatment. But generally speaking, the rule of thumb is go in baby steps: Do some own research and get over-the-counter solution for the right problem. If this doesn’t work, then the next step is go for a reputable facial salon near you for a traditional facial. If it still fails, then consider for intrusive solutions.

3) Have you done enough research before you decide for the correct treatment?

The most common mistake some of our clients made before going back for a traditional treatment was they overreacted to the problem they had when they could have gone for the safer route first!

A fine example was one of our client noticed she had acne/pimple problem, with considerably red inflammation on her skin. So the first thing she did was popping pills first (highly not recommended) and did laser treatment. Her problem was gone only for a week before it came back much worse!

The root of the problem was her hormonal situation and regimen. That aside, her skin inflammation could have been reduced a lot with the correct product with soothing properties. When the inflammation is reduced, then the rest of traditional processes can be implemented to solve it gradually.

Again, go for gradual and baby steps. Not only a lot of money could be saved, you could have solved it with less risk before going for other options.

Solve Your Skin Problem With Baby Steps

Always take baby steps in solving your skin problems.

Hold this thought in your mind: Your skin changes every 28 days. Do some basic research, identify your skin problem correctly and solve it gradually.

Use over-the-counter product first. If it doesn’t work, seek the nearest reputable facial salon to get consultation. Most consultation can be done free and they could also recommend the best products for your particular problem. If it still doesn’t work, then go for intrusive solutions.

Do you still have any problem dealing with your skin problem? If yes, leave your comments below and we will discuss it over.

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